Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Storm!!

Yesterday we had a huge snow storm. I mean HUGE! It snowed for about 20 hours strait. We got about 24 inches. As you can see it is almost as tall as Little Luci.
Perry is trying to convince me that we need a snow blower. I told him it's not worth it there isn't that much to shovel. Well I went out this morning and shoveled for about ten minutes and decided we need to get a snow blower. The snow was so deep I quit and went back in the house. It took Perry 5 hours to clear the driveway and get the cars out!
The girls love to play outside. They stay out there until their fingers are ice cubes. Then they come in, have hot chocolate and watch movies. What a life!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bellie Turns...

On Saturday (Novemeber 6) we had another friends birthday party to go to, so we had a party for Anabelle on Sunday. We had friends over, ate dinner and had a delicious blueberry bread (instead of cake) at the birthday girl's request.
Bellie is very grown up. She really loves school including her teacher, she is good at taking care of her sisters and she does well with listening and doing things on her own.
We love Anabelle x 7!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Right Now We're Watching....

This little gem!
We love it. The songs. The crazy lady. Singing the songs to each other after it's over.
It's the best!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go to bed!!

I am sure everyone has experienced some kind of trouble when putting kids to bed. Lately the girls like to pull the old "I am so hungry or I am sooo thirsty" routine.
Last night Sabrina opens the door and stands at the top of the stairs and tells me she needs a drink right now! Perry says go to bed now. She then says " I need a one really bad...sissy and I are so drinky!
Drinky?? Perry and I both decided that was funny enough to get them a drink. Then we decided we can no longer give in to their evil plots. So looks like they will be going to bed SOOOOO thirsty and hungry from now on!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We know it's still a month away.....

...but we can't wait to go to Utah!

we will be visiting and playing with these great people (above)

And doing a bunch of these fun things!
We can't wait to be with family this summer. They, of course, are just as excited to see us, especially since most of them have never met Luci.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sabrina has been quite the naughty girl lately. She's been coloring all over the walls with pens and markers, and playing with baby powder way too much! The other day she dumped half of the container of baby powder on the floor in the office and the living room . Later that day after I had cleaned it up, she found a larger container of powder and dumped the whole thing all over the basement carpet. Sabrina doesn't really have any concept of consequences. Let me rephrase that, she just doesn't care what consequence you give her. She doesn't care if you make her sit on the stool, go to her room, threaten to spank her or have her clean up the mess. Nothing gets to her. She will just keep doing the same crazy mischievous acts!