Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go to bed!!

I am sure everyone has experienced some kind of trouble when putting kids to bed. Lately the girls like to pull the old "I am so hungry or I am sooo thirsty" routine.
Last night Sabrina opens the door and stands at the top of the stairs and tells me she needs a drink right now! Perry says go to bed now. She then says " I need a one really bad...sissy and I are so drinky!
Drinky?? Perry and I both decided that was funny enough to get them a drink. Then we decided we can no longer give in to their evil plots. So looks like they will be going to bed SOOOOO thirsty and hungry from now on!


sorichfamily said...

love it! it sounds so familiar! maybe they are ALL plotting against us! good luck guys! i have to go now...i am feeling very drinky!! :) love!

Jenni said...

hahaha I love that! Drinky! I still chuckle when I think about Sabrina wearing sunglasses in her bed, with the lights off! :-)

The Nielsens said...

That's adorable! And the whole scenario happens nightly at our house. The joys (:

Swenson Family said...

Cute. :) I loved it!